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can I ask my employer to lay me off? — …

P.S. I'm asking the Evil HR Lady, who has more experience with layoffs than me, to weigh in too. .... She went to HR and told them how unhappy she was and asked to be laid off. ... I think HR figured she was likely to leave on her own anyway, and that way they didn't have to pay her severance package.

Asking for Severance — Evil HR Lady

Asking for Severance. by Evil HR Lady on May 9, 2008. I started work in January 08 as an HR Manager for a very small company of 35 employees. I was told this week that they can no longer afford to keep this position as they are “hurting” for money. I am in a protected class and wondered if I should be asking for a ...

Is my former company sabotaging my …

Dear Evil HR Lady, I have been unemployed for about 14 months now. I have applied for many positions, even multiple times at the same company over time.

Why Severance? — Evil HR Lady

13 Apr 2007 ... Dear Evil HR Lady, I just read a snippet in one of our trade publications about a company where "total 2006 revenues slipped 7.7% to $73 million and severa. ... Related. Asking For SeveranceNovember 10, 2009With 10 comments. Enforceable Severance ClausesDecember 15, 2007With 6 comments.

My boss wants me gone -- what do I …

Dear Evil HR Lady, I am looking for some advice regarding being let go from a job. I have been with the company for one-and-a-half years, and I was told back in March ...

6 Recommendations for Dealing with a PIP — Evil HR Lady

29 Jul 2015 ... Yeah, actually I never even heard of severance, until I started reading Evil HR Lady, Ask a Manager, etc. Well… I guess I'd heard of it in Soap Operas, and Mad Men, so until recently, severance was quite a fantastical idea or an outdated concept, and certainly not something that would apply to me.

update: my boss made me leave a work …

He denied threatening my job and the HR department was angry at me for delivering the note to the grave instead of bringing it to them and telling them what happened.

Enforceable Severance Clauses — Evil HR Lady

by Evil HR Lady on December 15, 2007 ... Companies offer severance to people like you (who feel they were discriminated against), do so to get you to go away. ... When asked about this clause by the employee in question, I always told people it's on the honour system, and we would appreciate a call if they do find work so ...

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General Release Woes — Evil HR Lady

by Evil HR Lady on January 27, 2009. I was recently laid off with 60% of my department. I got 3 months of severance pay by signing a General Release that basically said I won't sue the company for any reason, and I can't work there for 6 months. I've tried to find out why this “6-month rule” is part of the General Release .

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