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Why Severance? — Evil HR Lady

by Evil HR Lady on April 13, 2007. Dear Evil HR Lady,. I just read a snippet in one of our trade publications about a company where “total 2006 revenues slipped 7.7% to $73 million and severance expenses from 43 people hit the “cost ” line” and I got to wondering about why companies pay severance. Do they have to?

how to determine severance when firing an employee …

{13 comments… read them below } Evil HR Lady January 15, 2009 at 8:34 am. I’m a huge fan of severance. I’m also a huge fan of sticking to policy.

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Enforceable Severance Clauses — Evil HR Lady

Enforceable Severance Clauses. by Evil HR Lady on December 15, 2007. I have, I think, a simple question. -I recently left a job from a Fortune 500 company because of discrimination issues. They gave me a severance package, however they said they would pay until Jan. 22nd unless i got a new job. If the new job paid ...

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Yesterday’s post was a frightening look at narcissistic rage, the kind of crazy that happens when a chump asserts him or herself. Can’t have the chumps getting ...

5 Reasons Why Layoffs Should Be a Surprise — Evil HR Lady

5 Reasons Why Layoffs Should Be a Surprise. by Evil HR Lady on February 20, 2014. Now for a topic I'm sure I'll get angry letters about: layoffs. There are two rules to a proper layoff: It should be kept secret, and it should include severance. It sounds mean spirited and a lot of people will disagree with me. They'd say, let ...

Why your company wants you to resign - CBS News

(MoneyWatch) Dear Evil Hr Lady, I was told my position was being eliminated last week -- the day before I was leaving for vacation. They are not offering a severance ...

6 Recommendations for Dealing with a PIP — Evil HR Lady

Jul 29, 2015 ... I have a masters and BS in engineering so I am 70% sure that I can find a new job but I had a question about severance. Do you think I should hold out for the severance pay and is there going to be any? Or should I quit now because I'm totally over it and a little concerned how future employers will see it.

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When HR Makes a $2,666,594.03 Mistake — Evil HR Lady

Jun 30, 2017 ... He was supposed to receive 34 weeks worth of severance pay in exchange for signing a general release. (A general release is a legal document that basically says in exchange for this severance I won't sue you–except for things that you can't legally waive.) This is all pretty standard in a lay-off situation.

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